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Automate Customer Engagement with WhatsApp Flows

Empower your business with interactive WhatsApp flows designed to foster meaningful interactions with both potential and existing customers.

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Create Your WhatsApp Workflow with Custom Automated Workflows Across Multiple Data Sources

Elevate your messaging game on WhatsApp by tailoring automated workflows to suit various data sources. With iNextCRM's advanced features, you can streamline your communication efforts and minimize management overhead.

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WhatsApp Flow Builder

Build WhatsApp Flows Easily as 1-2-3

Introducing the WhatsApp Flow Builder on iNextCRM - the easiest way to create custom WhatsApp workflows. With this feature, you can build flows similar to chatbots within the iNextCRM interface. You can choose from industry-specific templates or use the drag-and-drop elements to create your own workflows in minutes. Say goodbye to tedious manual work and hello to streamlined communication with your customers on WhatsApp.

Segmented Simplicity

Target Different Audiences with Precision

Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach. With iNextCRM, you can craft distinct workflows for different audience segments, including website visitors, existing leads, and active customers. This segmentation ensures that your messages resonate with each group, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

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Flow Data Precision

Trigger Actions Based on Various Data Points

Take control of your workflow triggers with iNextCRM's Flow Data feature. Whether it's responding to a WhatsApp message, delivering a template, or any other specific action, you can set up triggers based on a myriad of data points. From selecting lists to defining segments, the possibilities are endless, empowering you to deliver timely and relevant messages to your audience.

WhatsApp Automation

Enhance Your Workflow Efficiency with iNextCRM's WhatsApp Automation

Unlock a wealth of possibilities with iNextCRM's WhatsApp Workflow Management, offering over 16 automated actions to streamline your communication process. Here's how you can optimize your workflow.


Seamlessly manage contact preferences within your workflow based on specific actions or conditions, ensuring compliance and enhancing user experience.

Tag Contacts

Organize your contacts effortlessly by tagging them directly within the flow, enabling better segmentation and targeted messaging.

Assign Chat

Delegate tasks efficiently by assigning chats to designated agents directly from the workflow, ensuring prompt and personalized responses.

Delay Messaging

Exercise control over communication timing by scheduling messages to be sent at specific dates, times, or intervals, enhancing engagement and relevance.

Send Templates

Engage customers effectively with pre-approved message templates, saving time and ensuring consistency across interactions.

Set Interactive Questions

Gather valuable insights from your contacts by asking interactive questions within the workflow, facilitating data collection and business automation.

Quick Reply

Respond swiftly to queries by utilizing quick reply options, enabling you to send predefined responses across multiple workflows effortlessly.

Update Attributes

Keep your lead and customer database up-to-date by automatically updating collected data, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your CRM system.

Convert to Lead

Seamlessly transition qualified contacts into leads within the workflow, streamlining your sales process and facilitating lead assignment.

Use Cases

Unlock the Full Potential of WhatsApp Flows

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Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads

Harness the power of WhatsApp Flows to streamline lead qualification. Seamlessly gather essential information from your prospects through interactive questions, allowing you to qualify leads effectively and simplify lead attribution processes. With tailored data at your fingertips, converting prospects into customers becomes more efficient than ever before.

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Collect Feedback

Collect Feedback

Break free from the complexities of traditional feedback collection methods. Utilize WhatsApp Flows to effortlessly gather high-quality feedback, including qualitative comments and constructive criticism, directly from your customers. Gain valuable insights into your performance, identify areas for improvement, and foster continuous growth and enhancement of your products or services.

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Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking

Say goodbye to the hassle of appointment scheduling with WhatsApp Flows. Simplify your booking process by offering customers the convenience of scheduling appointments directly from WhatsApp. With pre-defined and customizable templates, you can provide a seamless booking experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining your operations.

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Advanced Workflow Features

Enhancing Control and Flexibility

Set Exist Conditions

Define conditions for contacts to seamlessly exit the workflow, ensuring they progress appropriately based on actions like completing a purchase or reaching milestones.

Restart Conditions

Maintain engagement by establishing conditions for contacts to restart at the beginning of the workflow, providing a fresh start for key interactions or updates.

Exit Timer

Maximize efficiency with the Workflow Exit Timer, allowing contacts to exit the workflow if they fail to respond within a specified timeframe. This ensures timely follow-up and enhances user experience.

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