Sales Partner Program

Sales partners are a select group of vendors that partner with iNext CRM. This form of partnership offers the freedom to make sales even when you do not have the in-house skills to support the application. Being an iNext CRM Sales Partner is absolutely simple: You maintain the client relationship to get the lead closed. You make the sales, and earn up to 40% on all sales. Support will be handled by the iNext CRM Support Team.

  • An established business with good financial health
  • An existing client base of small/medium businesses with 2-250 employees
  • Strong sales organization focused on this customer segment
  • Ability to commit and deliver on a revenue target
  • Availability of dedicated sales and marketing resources
  • Ability to establish and maintain a pipeline of customers and generate a steady flow of sales & Customer references

Referral Partner Program

Being an iNext CRM referral partner is absolutely simple: Send us leads – if we close them, you earn 15% of the sale. You have no responsibilities in the sale, or in ongoing support.

We are always on the lookout for Referral Partners that are going to be strong, long-term partners for the unique and exciting technology products based on the iNext CRM.

  • An established business or Business Contracts
  • Familiarity with CRM products and services or technology savvy
  • Ability to establish and maintain a pipeline of customers and generate a steady flow of leads Customer references.

Partner with iNextCRM

Accelerate the growth of your business by becoming a valued partner of iNextCRM through our Referral or Sales Partner Program. Join forces with us and discover the exciting opportunities to represent iNextCRM and offer our cutting-edge CRM solution to your customers. Here's how you can embark on this rewarding partnership journey:


Begin your partnership by registering for the iNextCRM Partner Program. We have a simple and straightforward registration process that allows you to express your interest and become an official partner of iNextCRM.

Get Trained

As an iNextCRM partner, we provide comprehensive training resources to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to effectively promote and sell our product. Our training programs are designed to familiarize you with the key features, benefits, and value propositions of iNextCRM, enabling you to confidently engage with potential customers.

Start Selling

Once you have completed the training and acquired the necessary expertise, you can start actively promoting and selling iNextCRM to your customers. Leverage your existing network and relationships to introduce iNextCRM as a powerful solution that can revolutionize their customer relationship management processes. Showcase the numerous benefits and advantages that iNextCRM offers, such as improved lead management, streamlined sales processes, centralized customer data, and data-driven insights.

In addition to the opportunity to earn attractive commissions, partnering with iNextCRM opens doors to a collaborative and supportive ecosystem. We provide ongoing support, dedicated account management, and access to marketing resources to help you succeed in your sales efforts. Together, we can unlock new business opportunities, expand market reach, and achieve mutual success.

Join the iNextCRM Partner Program today and unlock the potential for exponential business growth. Together, let's empower businesses with the transformative capabilities of iNextCRM and create lasting customer relationships.


Interested in becoming an iNext CRM Partner?