This is not just our Work Life; it is our life's work.

As a team of 55 individuals, we have been operating as an IT Agency, specializing in building SaaS, and eCommerce Solutions and Digital Marketing Services. Throughout our journey, we have encountered challenging situations, such as being unable to compensate our staff due to delayed client payments, struggling to secure deals without knowing if our proposals were even opened or read, and lacking the ability to focus on impactful work as client updates were scattered across emails and WhatsApp conversations.

In light of these challenges, we made a pivotal decision to address these issues head-on. We ceased our Agency operations and developed iNextCRM with a profound mission—to assist a million freelancers and agencies in saving time, fostering happier client relationships, and cultivating thriving businesses.

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Our Story

A Great Story Starts with a Friendly Team

Why 'Next'?

We often get asked about the inspiration behind the name of our product, iNextCRM. Here's the reason: While most software solutions out there are clunky, following a standard path to achieve efficiency, iNextCRM takes you further and positions you as the NEXT professional.

We are committed to unlocking your true potential and helping you excel as the Next Pro.

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Some of our firm Beliefs

Customer Obsession

Learn and Be Curious

Bias for Action

Holding to a Better Standard

Have a Spine

People make it all Happen

Our Core Team

The People Behind iNextCRM

We are a collection of Formidable People
working on Meaningful Problems

Jitendra Raulo

Jitendra Raulo

Chief Developers

Mahendra Raulo

Managing Director

kapil chhabra

Kapil Chhabra

Corporate Coach

Priyanka Sharma

Priyanka Sharma

BEP Specialist

Our Culture

Environment Fostering Happiness & Human Development

At iNextCRM, we embrace the human nature of making mistakes, engaging in healthy disagreements, and actively seeking input from our customers to shape our next steps. We approach decision-making with humility, acknowledging that certainty is often elusive. Instead, we value learning from the mistakes of others and daring to experiment when faced with ambiguous paths.

Friendly Environment

At iNextCRM, we foster a friendly environment where team members support and respect one another.

Work-Life Balance

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. While we are passionate about our work, we also prioritize the well-being and happiness of our team members.

Learning and Development

At iNextCRM, we are committed to the continuous growth and development of our team members.

If you believe you can contribute to enhancing the above aspects, we invite you to explore the open positions listed below. Join us in our journey! :).