All-in-One WhatsApp CRM Solutions

WhatsApp API-Enabled CRM


Effortlessly reach your target audience with our Marketing Bulk WhatsApp Broadcast feature.

AI (ChatGPT) Powered CRM

Team Inbox

Optimize team collaboration and enhance customer support with our efficient WhatsApp Team Inbox.

Integrated Marketing CRM


Utilize over 200 trigger points to set up automated WhatsApp notifications and stay connected.

The Features to Boost your Productivity

Personalised broadcast campaigns for a strong sales pipeline

  • Effortlessly launch campaigns and captivate audiences with highly responsive WhatsApp messages.
  • Categorize contacts, tag them, and personalize group communications for targeted engagement.
  • Foster lasting relationships that drive future sales by regularly engaging with your audience on WhatsApp.

Boost Your Business with No-code Chatbot

  • Craft no-code chatbots for swift responses to common queries.
  • Streamline communication and tailor responses effortlessly with automated features.
  • Drive sales by converting more customer interactions directly through WhatsApp.

Shared team inbox makes team collaboration super easy

  • Seamlessly distribute the inbox across your team for exceptional WhatsApp support.
  • Employ built-in integrations for effortless access to customer context with just a few clicks.
  • Expedite post-sales interactions like order updates and promptly address support inquiries through WhatsApp.

Automate WhatsApp Message Sequences Effortlessly

  • Deliver a pre-planned series of messages to your prospects in a specified order over time.
  • Boost customer engagement instantly with streamlined automation.
  • Versatile use cases including customer onboarding, payment reminders, event notifications, and product launches.

Experience the Difference

Choose the iNextCRM advantage

Harness iNextCRM to connect with your prospects through the WhatsApp Business API.

Break engagement barriers

Break engagement barriers

Elevate interactions with WhatsApp, achieving higher response rates compared to email, SMS, and in-app messaging.

Effortlessly scale up

Effortlessly scale up

Expand with multiple users on a single number, ensuring a superior return on investment compared to other WhatsApp BSPs.

Communicate at scale

Communicate at scale

Initiate and handle conversations with thousands of customers and prospects seamlessly through automation, chatbots, and workflows.


How do I get started?

Step 1

Subscribe to iNextCRM

Choose a plan that suits your needs, ensuring it includes WhatsApp marketing features.

Step 2


Expect a call from our dedicated onboarding manager within the next 24 hours to guide you through the initial setup.

Step 3

Learn to Navigate

Participate in our live training sessions or delve into our comprehensive knowledge base to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Step 4

Launch Your Campaigns

Once you feel confident, begin marketing and engaging with your customers using iNextCRM."