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Best Lead Management Software for Business

An Effective Lead management starts with complete information about the lead.
iNext CRM stores and shows all the lead information you need in one screen.

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Smart Form (Web to Lead)

Create Web to Lead forms and integrate to the website, all leads will be auto-inserted to iNext CRM. Also would be auto-allocated to one of your employees.

Smart form
task attachment reminders

Tasks, Attachments, Reminders & Notes

If you are using multiple tools to manage multiple actions, then simply you are spending a lot of time outside of your iNext CRM. Use Tasks, Attachments, Reminders, and Notes of Lead Management Software section, a complete life circle of a lead can be comprised with the built-in features. Get an email reminder for each of your action, make quick notes for each of your leads, manage & share files too.

Do all of this and more with your iNext CRM


Import & Export

Import all your existing leads and export as needed


Convert to Customer

After a lead proposal is accepted, you can convert leads to Customer.


Bulk Action

Change common fields, status, delete, assign multiple leads


Print as Needed

Want a print format of the lead? No worries you can print as needed.


Sync After Update

Updated lead info, no worries you can sync with proposals and more.


Track Activity Log

While the lead is followed up by our employee, you can monitor activities by Activity Logs.

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