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The ultimate ally for creators

Whether you're a designer, writer, artist, or any other creative professional, our platform streamlines your work, from managing clients and projects to tracking tasks and payments. Unlock your creative potential with iNextCRM and focus on what you do best—creating exceptional content.

Challenges Addressed by iNextCRM for Creators

Client Interaction: Simplify client interactions and communications, ensuring seamless collaboration and feedback collection.

Project Management: Streamline project management from concept to delivery, ensuring creative projects stay on track.

Resource Allocation: Optimize resource allocation for creative projects, ensuring efficient utilization of talent.

Client Deliverables: Efficiently deliver completed creative work to clients, meeting deadlines and expectations.

Client Feedback Handling: Easily gather, organize, and implement client feedback for creative revisions.

Close More Deals. Make more Sales

Maximize your creative potential with a platform that fuels your success.

Lead Management

From lead capture to nurturing, streamline your lead journey.

Proposal Management

Create and send proposals with ease for quick client engagement.

Invoice Management

Manage and track invoices efficiently for seamless financial operations.

Payment Collection

Collect payments swiftly with integrated payment gateways.

Project Management

Keep projects on track with organized project management tools.

Task Management

Efficiently manage tasks and deadlines to boost productivity.

Custom Branded Client Portal

Your domain, your logo, your colors. Your clients don't need to know that you are using iNextCRM. Embed many third-party apps including Google, Twilio, RazorPay, Paypal and more. Reduce the time you waste updating your clients.

Always get Paid on Time

For your Agency, Cashflow is King. With iNextCRM, you can easily create standard, split, and recurring invoices with automated reminders, and enable online payments to ensure timely receipts of payments.

Remove iNextCRM from all Places

Your brand, your website, and your colors. Keep your use of iNextCRM confidential.


Increase in Referrals


Higher Engagement

  • Google Drive
  • Google SMTP
  • Twilio SMS
  • MSG91 SMS
  • Pusher Notifications


We Collaborate with Top Third-Party Aps

  • Paypal Payment Gateway
  • RazorPay Payment Gateway
  • 2Checkout Payment Gateway
  • Instamojo Payment Gateway
  • Brevo Email Marketing
  • Stripe Payment Gateway

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Your most valuable resource is time

and a significant portion of it is consumed by non-core tasks such as chasing payments, creating proposals from scratch, or manually updating clients.

You're here for greater, more impactful endeavors.