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Best Task Management Software for Team

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For an organization, team task management is as important as other aspects of a project or support system. Organization grows majorly depends on how employees complete their task. Hence iNext CRM majorly focused on performance improvement by its task module. Here you get all the controls and features which will help you to manage your project and day to day task very efficiently.

Create Anywhere

Create Anywhere

iNext CRM Task Management Software allows you to get or create a task from multiple sources. It can be synced from support department query email or can be created manually or can be a pre-scheduled task of a project.

Multiple Assignee & Follower

A single task can be assigned to multiple staff members and there can be multiple followers.



Get to know which task consumed how much time. And at the end how much time each of staff members worked.


Auto Create (Recurring)

Set a task once, and let iNext CRM create that task on a predefined time i.e. weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or custom as you wish.


Drop Files

Drop a file that you want your staff members should have access in order to execute the task.


Checklist Items

Make a checklist on a task to work upon. As each of checklist points of a task gets done, the percentage of task completion gets updated.



View task statistics and get to know more insights data about the task execution

Task Management for Teams

Do all of this and more with your iNext CRM



Export all your existing tasks and use it for analysis purpose to evaluate reports.


Make Billable

If a task is selected as billable, you can create an invoice and bill to the customer.



Don’t spend your time again to make the same task. Copy it and save your valuable time.


Bulk Action

Change status of a one or multiple tickets, even priority, and the people assigned. Refrain from manual doing for each one of your entries.



Allows you and your staff members to comment on a task and share their view or updates.


Mass Delete

Delete one or multiple tasks at once. Yes, mass delete tool enables your to delete n number of tasks at one time.

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