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iNext CRM - Customer Support Management Software Overview

It’s a powerful section which handles your post sales activities. In the industry who provided the best after-sales services, leads the industry. Now it's your turn. Give the tool to your staff members and enable them to perform at their peak. iNext CRM Support System creates tickets automatically as customer email to dedicated email id, further it can be converted to a task or just reply on it.

Multiple Department Email Sync

If you have multiple departs who handles with multiple query types, no worries, each can be set so that when your customer email their queries to any they will be synced.

Multiple email sync/Multiple department
Auto ticket

Auto Ticket ID

iNext CRM Support System create a ticket id each time your customers to email a query. It sends an auto email with the Ticket ID so that they can follow with it when required.

File Attachments

File Attachments

Whatever file format your clients going to email you, it will be auto-synced to the CRM and your staff members would be avail to use it. All files stored in the cloud.

One Panel

Manage from One Panel

The whole support department would be working from a support panel, replying to tickets, working on the tickets and more.

Predefined Replies

iNext CRM Support system has options to save your all predefined scripts to use multiple times. This will save the time of your staff members entering the same message every time. We have considered each aspect of a CRM System which will save your time and improve your performance.

Predefined replies

Do all of this and more with your iNext CRM



Export tickets as needed. Measure how much time your staff members spent resolving the queries and accordingly take action.

Create tickets


If your customer raises a query over the telephone, you can create a ticket for that customer manually.

Block sender

Block Sender

If you don’t want to receive a query from a particular sender or it does not relate to your support system, you can block that sender and it will not sync any future emails from that sender.

Convert to Task

Convert to Task

When a query is received and its related to a project or it needs to execute a task, you convert that ticket to a task and allocated to one or multiple of your staff members.

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