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Estimates & Proposal Management Software

Easily create proposal & estimates and email from the application instantly with predefined email templates.
From creation to approval iNext CRM gives you much functional control to enhance your productivity

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Instant Creation

iNext CRM helps you to make proposals in minutes, you can copy a previously designed proposal or just create one by selecting the client. You can setup sales items so that while creating a proposal you have to just select the items and all the details would be auto-filled.

Design Your Own

Design Your Own

It does not matter you have a 50-page proposal format or a 5-page proposal format. iNext CRM – Proposal Management Software gives you the flexibility to design your own proposal with a comprehensive easy to use web too like MS Word.

Web View

iNext CRM has web view of proposal & estimates, which can be shared with clients. The web view allows clients to view the proposal easily on any device, accept or decline it, download PDF and share their comments on discussion section. Its not just a web view, it’s a complete client engagement medium.

sales item

Sales Items

As an admin, you can set the sales items with their description, price and applicable GST slabs. And when your sales employees make a proposal they just have to select the sales item. It’s that simple. You can also add sales items while creating a proposal. We believe giving you complete control so the iNext CRM.

Discount the Way you want

iNext CRM gives you power to control the way discount would be applied. Are they would apply after or before tax, fixed amount or percentage. Above all you can disable discount if don’t wish to give. And small adjust amount feature to make the total an even number.

Discount the Way you want
Comments, Reminders, Tasks & Notes

Comments, Reminders, Tasks & Notes

To save your time and efforts, iNext CRM gives you the additional functionality to enhance your productivity & experience. The Comment section allows you to communicate with the client when the share comments on web view. You can set a reminder to call on x date and iNext will remind you on that day. You can create a task and assign to your team members to act upon. And Take notes whenever needed.

Download, Print, View PDF

Finally you get beautifully crafted printable, sharable PDF format of proposal & estimates. You can email it directly from the application or can download and send it from your email id. View as PDF, Download PDF, Web View, Print View…we give you full control they way you want to view your proposal.

Download, Print, View PDF
Download, Print, View PDF

SMS Alerts (Transactional)

Your customers will get SMS alerts when their proposals or estimates gets expired. Also when you add a comment to the proposal the customer gets an SMS alert. You can engage your customer at a very fast pace, even if they don’t accessible to emails.

Do all of this and more with your iNext CRM



Import all your existing proposals and estimates as needed


Easy Invoicing

After a proposal has been accepted, you can convert proposal to Invoice in a single click.



Don’t spend your time again to make the same proposal. Copy it and save your valuable time.


Email Tracking

You can track how many time a proposal has been emailed to the client along with an open status


Auto Follow up

iNext CRM follows up with the proposal prospect as you set the auto reminder dates.


View Tracking

You can track who has been viewed the proposal with date and time. Also, you get to know if he viewed the web version of the proposal or not.

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