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iNext CRM Project Management is a tool for Collaboration,
efficiency, teamwork and achieve deadlines.

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Project Overview

iNext CRM Online Project Management Software allows you to explore the hidden numbers of your team performance and their effective use of time. It engages your entire team to work together to achieve and accomplish a project on time.

Project overview


Create a task and assign to one or multiple staff members. Additionally, you can add a follower to monitor the task execution.



Time is money, hence count the money every time. Staff members can use a timer to log their time invested in each task. In the end, you can know time spent on a project.

Milestones milestones


Divide project tasks by different milestone and create a dependency of task execution. Such a way you know at what stage the project is currently reached.

Team work


Attach files related to your project execution, and it would be available to all the staff members who are allocated to the project.



Whenever a client creates a support ticket with related to a project, you can allocate to the project and make a task. Even tickets can be listed in the project section and its time log would add value to the project completion.



Start a discussion to resolve a query or collect opinions. Allow your staff members to participate on the topic and get to know their ideas.


Team Collaboration

iNext CRM project management is a complete team collaboration tool which enhances your team performance and their involvement in the project execution to completion. Give your staff the power to engage and execute their assignments.

Do all of this and more with your iNext CRM



Export all project information as needed to a CSV file



Once made a structure, don’t spend time again. Just copy a project.

Invoice Project

Invoice Project

Easily invoice a project on completion or if you want to invoice for a particular task, you can that too.

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